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The reproduction and representation of inequalities in the New York child welfare system.

The child welfare system in New York City consists of services developed to protect the well being of children subjected to abuse or neglect and the rehabilitation of family's members charged with their endangerment. The system highlights a striking rate of “racial disproportionality”: 95% of the families involved in its services are black and Latino.

Sabine Netz

Wenn Alter den Unterschied macht – Hervorbringung von 'Alter' und altersbezogener politischer Subjektivität bei jungen Geflüchteten in jugendamtlichen und rechtsmedizinischen Praktiken

Was genau ist ein „unbegleiteter minderjähriger Flüchtling“, wenn Röntgenstrahlen, Körper, RechtsmedizinerInnen und Standards oder Interviewtechniken, PädagogInnen, Narrative von Flucht und äußerliche Körpermerkmale in Praktiken zur Altersfestsetzung zusammengebracht werden? Dieses Forschungsprojekt untersucht die Bedeutung von Körpern, Bürokratie und Wissenschaft bei der Hervorbringung von politischen Subjektivitäten junger Geflüchteter und die Wirkmächtigkeit dieser.

Thiago Pinto Barbosa

“Race” and Science between Berlin-Dahlem and India: the Circulation and Transformation of Racialized Knowledge by Irawati Karvé

Knowledge about “race” has been scientifically produced and transformed through circulations in time and space.

Regina Sarreiter

Die epistemischen Leben einer ethnologischen Sammlung zwischen Südafrika, Tansania und Deutschland

Das Projekt untersucht, wie wissenschaftliche Erkenntnis die Praxis ethnologischen Sammelns und den Umgang mit den dabei entstehenden Sammlungen beeinflusst.

Judith Eggers

Doing legal relatedness: the (re-)production of legal administrative categories and the creation of (legal) capacities to act in the case of underage ‘unaccompanied’ migrants in Berlin

Taking the relationship between young underage migrants and the ‘state’ as it is rationalized by the legal realm of administrative law in the German context of Berlin as its theoretical starting point, this project is interested in the creation of legal relatedness between ‘the state’ and underage migrants that have arrived in Germany ‘alone’ and that is mediated by the legal instrument of guardianship.

Quelle: Instituto Federal do Pará

‘Race’ in the context of Brazilian affirmative action policies

Brazil has a long history of debates on race and racism in relation to national identity – from ideologies of whitening through Gilberto Freyre’s praise of miscigenação to anti-racist critiques of the concept of racial democracy.

Hans Berner

Skateboarding and social inequality in Cape Town and Johannesburg

Globally a discourse emphasizing 'positive effects' of sports on individuals and societies is evident thus substantiating the promotion of sports and sports architecture as sociospatial interventions.

Sarah Blacker

Planning for Persistent Environmental Contamination: Public Health, Indigenous Traditional Knowledge, and Technoscience in Canada

The Canadian oil industry operates predominantly on First Nations treaty lands using in situ methods of bitumen extraction to feed an insatiable global appetite for oil, resulting in environmental contamination on an immense scale.