Soft Parts - Social Factors of Airport Security

Sub-Project "Learning and Training in High-Reliability Organisations (HRO), Networks and Critical Infrastructures"


Disaster Research Unit (DRU)

Branch office of the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology



Financial support:

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Funding Code: 13N12669


Disaster Research Unit, Freie Universität Berlin (project coordination)

Department of Economic and Social Sciences, University of Potsdam

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Technische Universität Berlin


Jun 01, 2013 — May 31, 2016

Soft Parts is a joint research project of University of Potsdam, Technische Universität Berlin and Freie Universität Berlin. Our subproject examines how education of security personnel affects risks, conflicts and problems in the control process itself. Problems and conflicts arise not only between security personnel and the persons controlled (passengers and airport staff) but also between other stakeholders like airlines and the police. Empirical data is ascertained by face-to-face, semi-structured interviews and two quantitative surveys of security personnel on the one side and passengers, airport staff on the other side. The concept of High Reliability Organization is applied as a guiding principle. We seek to give an answer to the question, how organizations learn by creative problem solving.

Airfield of the airport Hannover-Langenhagen (l.) and airport survey at Berlin Tegel (r.).
source: DRU

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