Reaching Out: Screening a War Crimes Trial in Northern Uganda

Jonas Bens recounts his experiences in a Northern Ugandan village during the screening of the ICC trail against Dominic Ongwen - once a high-ranking commander of the notorious Lord's Resistance Army from Northern Uganda.

News from Jan 07, 2017

Notes from the Field: Donald Trump in Uganda

Jonas Bens and Leonie Benker write about their experiences with (US) politics in Uganda.

News from Oct 06, 2016

Powerless Empowerment? Critical Reflections on Dealing with Flight

Round-table discussion with refugees, volunteer helpers, artists, researchers and students ▪ Chaired by the social and cultural anthropologists Olaf Zenker, Hansjörg Dilger & Kristina Dohrn Context: „Emotions and their Effects: Affective Dynamics of Flight and Migration“ ▪ Event ...

News from Sep 29, 2016

Research Seminar on the Current Situation of Refugees in Berlin

In the past summer semester as part of a BA research seminar by Olaf Zenker, students of the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology did anthropological research in four different settings all related to the current refugee situation in Berlin.

News from Jun 28, 2016