Sub-project "Participative risk communication"




Aug 01, 2015 — Jul 31, 2018

The sub-project “Participative risk communication” analyzes and develops participative risk and science communication strategies within different publics. This topic will be explored through the application of new, alternative anti-infectives in the livestock farming medicine. Therewith, the focus will be on the publics of farmers and veterinarians.

It is the objective of the sub-project to encourage a responsible use of antimicrobials. For this purpose it will be investigated in how far users in the agricultural sector perceive the risk of molecular biological research on antimicrobials. Based on these results a participative risk communication strategy will be developed and implemented. The strategy aims at addressing different stakeholders to integrate diverse opinions, concerns and needs of communication. Methodological approaches such as an analysis of documents, a survey of farmers and the development of a participative risk communication strategy, will be used.