InfectControl 2020: IRMRESS




Aug 01, 2015 — Jul 31, 2018

The cooperative research project “Innovative reduction of multi-resistant infectious agents and establishment of a Next-Generation-Sequencing based Surveillance (IRMRESS)” deals with the development of strategies to reduce the use of antibiotics in human and veterinary medicine.

Sub-project "Participative risk communication"

Prof. Dr. Juliana Raupp

Aug 01, 2015 — Jul 31, 2018

The sub-project “Participative risk communication” analyzes and develops participative risk and science communication strategies within different publics. This topic will be explored through the application of new, alternative anti-infectives in the livestock farming medicine. Therewith, the focus will be on the publics of farmers and veterinarians. It is the objective of the sub-project to encourage a responsible use of antimicrobials. For this purpose it will be investigated in how far ...