Sub-project TFP-TV4 AS8




Mar 01, 2015 — Feb 28, 2018


The sub-project TFP-TV4 AS8 is part of the Multi-sectoral Research Platform– TFP.

The focus of this sub-project is to promote a reliable and science-based information transfer of risks of infection and measures to prevent them. One essential component of this approach is the proper communication of the associated risks and dangers of infection by physicians and scientists to various target groups (patients, farmers, general public etc.).

The aim of this project is to analyze and systematize the heterogeneous knowledge that exists in the communication of risks and perception. Furthermore, a specific Online e-Learning Tool purposely tailored for the continuing education of communicators and multipliers is to be realized, evaluated and sustainably implemented.

Duration: March 2015 – February 2018

Research associate within the project: Angela Osterheider