Burcu Yaman M.A.


PhD Candidate

Email burcu.yaman@ieu.edu.tr

Burcu Yaman received her BA degree from the Faculty of Communication at İzmir University of Economics (IUE) in 2010 with an honors degree; she was the holder of a full-fee-paying scholarship throughout her BA studies. She also has a double major degree from the International Relations and EU Department, Izmir University of Economics. After the completion of her BA degrees, she got accepted to the Media and Communication Studies MA program at the same university, again, as the holder of a full-fee-paying scholarship. Throughout her MA studies she has also worked as a full time Research Assistant at the Faculty of Communication at IUE. She completed her MA studies in 2013 with her thesis which focuses on reality crime show genre. Currently, she is a PhD candidate in the Institute for Media and Communication Studies, Free University Berlin under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Carola Richter. Her research interests include sociology of media, television studies and new media.

Thesis: Mediated Islam and Diasporic Communities


The rising political Islam and the dominant neoliberal policies of Turkish media system have accelerated the emergence of religious TV channels in Turkey. The religious TV channels brought about ‘new’ moral values and new life styles informed and framed by Islamic codes, rather than presenting ‘pure’ religion. Due to the existence of transnational broadcasting technology, Turkish-speaking immigrants in Germany are also exposed to this popular representation of religion and offered a different culture and moral value system than the culture that they actually live in, especially in popular and everyday basis. Regarding this issue, the study raises a vital question: “What might be the differences of watching ‘a moral way of living’ for immigrants in a diasporic space in comparison to Turks living within the national boundaries of their homeland?” Therefore, this study attempts to understand the watching practices of diasporic communities in Germany of these religious channels and aims to investigate key role mass media play in the diasporic and/or transnational identification process. Methodologically, the multi-layered research will mainly focus on qualitative methods by combining institutional, content and audience analysis.

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