Global Media Journal

The Global Media Journal is an open-access academic refereed publication in various national or regional editions around the globe. GMJ-German Edition is affiliated with the Freie University Berlin/Germany and the University of Erfurt/Germany and hosted by Carola Richter and Christine Horz.

GMJ-DE is published semi-annually (spring and fall) and bilingually (English and German). It is dedicated to research in the fields of communication and media studies, with the  ambition to present communication and media theories, report empirical and analytical research, present critical discourses, apply theories to case studies, and set out innovative research methodologies. It aims to advance research and understanding of international and cross-cultural communication and media in the German-spoken countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and around the globe such as research on Media Systems, Journalism, Migration & Diaspora, Development Communication and other fields of communication and media studies.

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The GMJ-DE contains four sections:

– academic articles (peer-reviewed)
– reports of media praxis and scientific field work
– graduate papers
– book reviews

The current issue Vol. 5, No. 2 contains the following articles:

Peer Reviewed Articles

Ronja Kniep
Media Accountability Online in Israel.
An application of Bourdieu’s field theory
(article in English)
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext


Giuliana Sorce
Hitler and Humor: Coming to Terms with the Past Through Parody
(article in English)
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Kefa Hamidi
Transformation der Mediensysteme in fragilen Staaten am Fallbeispiel Afghanistan (article in German)
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

From the Field

Irit Neidhardt
As if they do not exist. Images of (be)longing and of owning Palestine
(article in English)
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Book Reviews

Indira Dupuis
Blum, Roger (2014): Lautsprecher & Widersprecher. Ein Ansatz zum Vergleich der Mediensysteme (review in German)
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