Conference "Egyptian Media & Journalism between Change and Continuity"

12.11.-14.11.2015, Berlin

Over the past four years the Egyptian media landscape varied between change and continuity. The strife of the Egyptian media after the January Revolution in 2011 towards professional autonomy was obvious immediately after the ouster of Mubarak in 2011. Yet, it was also marked by a turbulent path, often mirroring the political, social and professional upheavals in the transformation phase. The research project "Journalism in Transformation in Egypt" examines precisely the questions related to the evolution of Egypt's journalism during the transformation, both on the structural and discursive levels. Therefore, the project’s Egyptian-German research group scrutinizes the efforts of Egypt’s media and journalists towards professional autonomy against constraints from the political, economic and legal spheres.

In order to discuss current developments distinguished media scholars and experts are invited from around the world to the project’s first international conference entitled “Egyptian Media & Journalism between Change and Continuity”. The conference tackles issues like self-regulation of journalists, professionalism, challenges of freedom of speech and media freedom, as well as the evolution of the media landscape and the political economy of Egypt’s media. In the two-day conference an intensive exchange among scholars from Egypt and Germany as well as from other Arab and Western countries shall help us to gain a comprehensive picture of current developments in a comparative perspective. Besides academics, experts from think tanks and NGOs, as well as journalists shall be represented.

The research project and conference are funded by the DAAD as part of the program line 4 within the transformation partnerships ("Tawasul"). Responsible for the project are Prof. Dr. Carola Richter (FU Berlin) und Dr. des. Hanan Badr (Cairo University).

The complete program flyer and the booklet of abstracts and biographies can be downloaded here.

You can read here a report of the conference by Amro Ali, published in Mada Masr on Jan 4, 2016.


Thursday, 12th of November 2015
Venue: room 116, Seminarzentrum, Freie Universität Berlin, Silberlaube, Otto-von-Simson-Str. 26, 14195 Berlin


Public Keynote

Yousri Fouda (part 1, 2, 3, 4): Autumn of Nasser's Media State

Friday, 13th of November 2015
Venue: room 113, Seminarzentrum, Freie Universität Berlin, Silberlaube, Otto-von-Simson-Str. 26, 14195 Berlin



Hanan Badr & Carola Richter


Panel 1: “Media Landscapes in Transformation"

  1. Fatima El-Issawi, London School of Economics, UK: Overview of Arab Media Transformation
  2. Ayman Al-Sayyad, Egypt: The Egyptian Media Landscape in 5 Years: From Revolution to Diversity to Conformity
  3. Heba Raouf Ezzat, Cairo University, Egypt: The Blind and the Elephant: End of Journalism and Birth of Liquid Media


Panel 2: „Freedom of Speech and Other Challenges to Media Freedom”

  1. Magued Osman, Cairo University, Egypt: The Role of Freedom of Information in Transition to Democracy: The Case of Egypt
  2. Reem Magued, ONA, Egypt: Freedom of Speech in Egyptian media
  3. Mostafa Shaat, American University in Cairo, Egypt: Augmented challenges and ongoing hardships: Egyptian Journalism after June 2013


Panel 3: „The Political Economy of Media in Transformation”

  1. Adel Iskandar, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada: Deregulation and Conformity: How Privatization of Media in Egypt Produced Less Not More
  2. Hafez Al Mirazi, American University in Cairo, Egypt: Reforming the Structure of the Broadcasting Sector
  3. Souraya El Badaoui, Cairo University, Egypt: Pluralism in a Contested Public Sphere

Saturday, 14th of November 2015
Venue: room 116, Seminarzentrum, Freie Universität Berlin, Silberlaube, Otto-von-Simson-Str. 26, 14195 Berlin


Panel 4: “Structural Reforms: The Case of TV and Public Service Broadcasting"

  1. Sarah El Richani, Berlin, Germany: Public Service Broadcasting in the Arab World: Prospects and Hurdles
  2. Naomi Sakr, University of Westminster, UK: Egypt’s Media Ecology: Help or Hindrance to Public Service Broadcasting?
  3. Hussein Amin, American University in Cairo, Egypt: ERTU reforms


Panel 5: „Role Perceptions of Journalists”

  1. Naila Hamdy, American University in Cairo, Egypt: Self-perception of Egyptian Journalists
  2. Indira Dupuis, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany: Latvian Journalists' Self-perception in Transformation
  3. Hossam Bahgat, Mada Masr, Egypt: Investigative Journalism


Panel 6: „Self-regulation of Journalists”

  1. Hamida El Bour, La Manouba, Tunisia: Tunisian Journalists and Media Reform
  2. Abeer Saady, Westminster, UK: Efforts for a Sustainable Self-regulation Model in Egyptian Journalism
  3. Fatma Elzahraa Mohamed, Cairo University, Egypt: The Role of Social Media Networks in Self-organization Processes of Egyptian Journalists



Hanan Badr, Carola Richter, Eman Amin, Walid Osman & Sara Khorshid