Current Projects:

  • Transcultural Emotional Repertoires in and by Reality TV

The communication research project „Transcultural emotional repertoires in and by Reality TV“ is a part of the newly established CRC „Affective Societies“. Prof. Margreth Lünenborg and her research associates Laura Sūna and Claudia Töpper as well as student assistant Vincent Schmid-Loertzer analyse the affective dynamics engendered by globally distributed entertainment formats like talent and dating shows. The research project explores how the notable visibility of migrant participants in german Reality TV formats can be understood not only as an opportunity for cultural citizenship, but also as contribution for transcultural emotional repertoires.

Completed Projects:

  • Female Immigrants and the Mass Media

In which ways are female immigrants represented in German mass media? What relevance do media images and representations have for both self- and public perception? These questions are central for the research project 'Female Immigrants and the Mass Media', which is funded by the Ministry for Intergenerational Affairs, Family, Women and Integration of North Rhine-Westphalia( It contains three sub-projects:

1 Female Migrants in audio-visual media.
Period 01/2010-12/2011

2 Female Migrants in the media. Representation in the press and their reception

The book "Female Migrants in the media. Representation in the press and their reception" was recently published by transcript (in German language).

2.1 Female Migrants in the media. Research project on literature, current state of national and international research
Period 10/2008-12/2008 (completed)

2.2 Female Migrants in the daily press. Research of presentation and reception.
Period 03/2009-11/2009 (completed)

  • Scandalization and Provocations as Success Guarantee in Times of Decreasing Advertisement Revenue? Analysis of Current Casting Show and Reality Documentary-style Formats

Research project for the Landesanstalt für Medien NRW (Media State Authority of Northrine-Westphalia) in Cooperation with the House of Research GmbH.

Project term 10/2009 – 09/2010 (completed)

The project aims at investigating if and to what extent scandalization and provocations increased as strategies in Casting Shows and Reality TV formats due to decreasing advertisement revenues and increasing competition.

  • Political Journalists in Germany

An Online Survey for the Deutscher Fachjournalisten-Verband (German Journalists' Federation)

The project aims at investigating the current professional situation of political journalists in Germany. Report: PDF-Dokument Download (pdf, 1 MB).

  • Media Representations of Women in Top-Level Positions

Main purpose of this project is the analysis of media representations of both men and women in leading political, economic and academic positions.

Project term 04/2008 – 06/2010 (completed)

We chose an empirical approach for the extrapolation of gender bound images and attributes. At first we conduct an output analysis in which qualitative and quantitative content analysis will be combined with iconographic methods. Also we make interviews with journalists in order to understand the modes of production. As a third part of the analysis we use the method of focus groups in order to collect data concerning the reception of those representations. This is essential for the understanding of social effects.