About us

Journalism, its current changes and its relevance to social communication form the core of the scientific program in the Division of Journalism Studies. Both in research and teaching we dedicate our interest to the professionals in and the structures of news production, its topics, contents and formats. Additionally, we consider the reception of journalistic production equally important. Traditional media such as print, radio and television broadcasting are our research objects as well as new forms of online journalism and collaborative text production, where a clear distinction between information producer and recipient is missing.

Communication through journalism plays a major role in the self-understanding process of modern, democratic societies and has an impact on the constitution of social identities of the audience. The social meaning of journalism emerges from a complex and continuous feedback process between the producer (e.g. the journalist or media corporation), the media text and the audience. At the Division of Journalism Studies these processes are mostly analyzed against the background of contemporary cultural theory, which is why issues of gender and ethnicity are always part of our research. We both focus on traditional forms of quality journalism and on popular products of entertainment-oriented media.

In our lectures and seminars we teach  the basics of journalism research and its structures just as analytical skills to scrutinize current processes of change. In the bachelor’s and in the master’s program students get in touch with vocational preparation and are introduced to specific journalistic techniques. By critically analyzing and theorizing the journalistic process, students are qualified to understand practical work and produce content themselves.

Our research is dedicated to the analysis of new genres and forms of journalism (narrative forms, new forms of documentaries), the gender/diversity structure in journalism and the public sphere and to the change of journalism through social and technological development.

Graduates who are planning a PhD project in journalism studies and whose work ties in with our research interests are very welcome to contact us. 

Link: http://www.polsoz.fu-berlin.de/en/kommwiss/studium/phd/index.html