Prof. Elfriede Fürsich, Ph.D.

Elfriede Fürsich

Boston College - Communication Department

Visiting Professor (2009-2013)



  • 2011- Research Associate Professor, Communication Department, Boston College, USA
  • 1998-2011 Assist./Assoc. Professor of Communication and Sociology, Boston College, USA
    Affiliated Faculty, International Studies Program, Boston College
  • 2005 Visiting Fellow Sarojini Naidu School of Performing Arts, Fine Arts and Communication, University of Hyderabad, India
  • 1998 Ph.D., University of Georgia, Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • 1994 M.A., University of Georgia, Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • 1993 Diplom-Journalistik, Katholische Universität Eichstätt

Research Interests

  • media, globalization and mobility
  • representation of Others
  • media and journalism studies
  • media criticism/cultural studies



  • Media, Mobility and Meaning (book project)
  • Studies in Travel Journalism (edited book)



Recent Publications (selected)

Fürsich, Elfriede (2012). Lifestyle Journalism as Popular Journalism: Strategies for Evaluating its Public Role in the Era of Globalization. Journalism Practice.6(1),12-25.

Fürsich, Elfriede (2010). Media and the Representation of Others. International Social Science Journal, 61/no.199, 113-130.

Fürsich, Elfriede (2009). Media and Cultural Diversity. Background Report for the UNESCO World Report “Investing in Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue.”

Fürsich, Elfriede (2009). In Defense of Textual Analysis: Restoring a Challenged Method for Journalism and Media Studies. Journalism Studies, 10, 238-252.

Fürsich, Elfriede, andShrikhande, Seema (2007). Development Broadcasting in India and Beyond: Redefining an Old Mandate in an Age of Media Globalization. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 51, 110-128.

Fürsich, Elfriede (2003). Between Credibility and Commodification: Nonfiction Entertainment as a Global Media Genre. International Journal of Cultural Studies, 6 (2), 131-153.

Fürsich, Elfriede (2002). Nation, Capitalism, Myth: Covering News of Economic Globalization. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 79(2), 353-373.

Fürsich, Elfriede and Robins, Melinda (2002). The Self-Representation of Sub-Saharan Nations on the World Wide Web. Critical Studies in Media Communication, 19(2), 190-211.

Fürsich, Elfriede (2002). Packaging Culture: The Potential and Limitations of Travel Journalism on Global Television. Communication Quarterly, 50(2), 203-225.

Fürsich, Elfriede (2002). How Can Global Journalists Represent ‘The Other’? A Critical Assessment of the Cultural Studies Concept for Journalistic Practice. Journalism, 3(1), 57-84.

Fürsich, Elfriede and Kavoori, Anandam P. (2001). Mapping a Critical Framework for the Study of Travel Journalism. International Journal of Cultural Studies, 4(2), June, 149-171.