Dr. Leyla Dogruel


Communication Policy / Media Economics

Research Associate

Address Garystr. 55
Room 173
14195 Berlin
Telephone +49.30.838-57-815
Fax +49.30.838-57-744
Email leyla.dogruel@fu-berlin.de

Office hours

by arrangement


  • Implications on game design for elderly computer game users from an acceptance perspective. Vortrag im Rahmen der Meaningful Play Conference, Michigan State University, 9.-11. Oktober 2008, East Lansing (gemeinsam mit Sven Jöckel).
  • Barriers for Interactivity. The Acceptance of Interactive Entertainment in the Segment of People over 50. 2nd European Communication Conference (ECREA), Barcelona, 25.11-28.11 (gemeinsam mit Sven Jöckel)