Research at Division of Communication Theory and Media Effects


Analysis National Dialogue

Prof. Dr. Barbara Pfetsch

A team of researchers of the division communication theory and media effects is currently analyzing the data of the national dialogue on well-being and the quality of life launched by the German government. Between April and October 2015, citizens discussed their thoughts on the quality of life in Germany at more than 200 dialogue meetings. Furthermore, people were invited to contribute their ideas via postcards and online. In close cooperation with CID GmbH, our research team works on the ...

Political Agenda-Building

Prof. Dr. Silke Adam , Prof. Dr. Barbara Pfetsch, W. Lance Bennett Prof. Dr. Gerhard Heyer

Sub-Project 7 of  the DFG research group "political communication in the online-world" in Berlin First project phase (2011-2014): The impact of challengers’ online communication on media agenda-building – a comparison across countries and issues.

Political Communication Cultures in Western Europe - A Comparative Study

Prof. Dr. Barbara Pfetsch

Part of the European Collaborative Research Projects in the Social Sciences (ECRP) The project is a comparative study which aims at analysing the relationship between political elites and the media in nine Western European countries. The objective is to investigate the attitudes, norms and values that drive the relationship between political actors and journalists and thereby detect the underlying patterns of political communication behaviors in Western democracies. Taken together, these ...