Master Theses

Master Theses (since 2013)

Please note that the majority of the titles shown here have been translated from German into English for informative purposes only. The original thesis could have been written in German language.

Here you can find master theses that have been supervised by the Division Media Analysis/ Research Methods (since 2013):


  • Katja Neuendorf: Pegida in the Press: An Analysis of German Daily Newspapers


  • Anne Beier: Terrorism in German Mass Media 2011/2012. A Secondary Analysis

  • Mirco Kuzelak: The Construction of Visual Frames: The Example of Federal Presidential Elections

  • Judith Regenhardt: Evaluation of Internal Corporate Communication [...]

  • Friederike Schiller: News on Private Television: Between Diversity and Focus

  • Lisa Schimmelpfennig: Social Perception and Opinion Making by Media Use - A Survey on Media Use and Attitude towards Immigration to Germany


  • Kathrin Baumann: The Formation of Collective Memory through Media - A Qualitative Analysis of the Anniversary of the Erection of the Berlin Wall: Reference Points for Interdisciplinary Memory Research

  • Anja Haufe: Radio in a Digital Environment: How Can Radio Assert itself against the Internet? A Qualitative Analysis of User Motives

  • Marie Przibylla: Public Service vs. Private Broadcasting: Scrutinizing News Formats. An Analysis of Journalistic Selection Criteria based on the Theory of News Values

  • Marianne Riechers: Key Events as Turning Points in the News Coverage of the Bundeswehr Deployment in Afghanistan

  • Ann-Christin Wehmeyer: De-Medialisation through Digitalisation? The Communication Strategies of the SPD during German National Election Campaigns in 2013

  • Susanne Wein: The German National Election Campaign 2013 on Facebook: A Qualitative Analysis of Self-Portrayal Strategies of Leading Politicians


  • Nadja Jung: Private Information of Political Actors in Social Networks and Online Media
  • Sabrina Markutzyk: German Nuclear Phase-Out made in Japan? A Quantitative Content Analysis of the Role of “Fukushima” as Key Event in the German Debate on Nuclear Energy

  • Aaron K. Roth: The Campaign „Kein Täter werden“ – A Media Impact Analysis

  • Franziska Teubert: The Justification of the Bundeswehr Deployment in Afghanistan 2001 in German, British and U.S. News Coverage: A Comparative Frame Analysis

  • Uta Miryeong Weiße: Can We Still Have our Green Tea? Tsunami, Fukushima and Nuclear Phase-Out in German News Coverage

Here you can find master theses that have been supervised by the Division Research Methods/ Applied Communication Research (until 2011):


  • Janine Greyer: Political Participation, Identity, and Media Usage – An Online Survey with German Emigrants in Australia
  • Alexander Sängerlaub: Personalisation in the News Coverage on Election Campaigns. Does the Method Determine the Outcome?