Former Staff Members


Annabelle Ahrens M.A.

Research Associate in the externally funded project "Continuous Television Program Research" until August 2013


Stefanie Eckardt M.A.

Research Associate until March 2014

Markus Lehmkuhl

Dr. Markus Lehmkuhl

Project Coordinator/ Research Assistant until June 2017

BMBF funded project "RAI-FU" (part of the interdisciplinary "InfectControl 2020")



Alexander Sängerlaub, M. A.

Research Associate until March 2013

Matthias Bifolchi_2014

Matthias Bifolchi

Student Assistant/ Tutor until mid-August 2014

Steffen Göths

Steffen Göths

Student Assitant and Tutor until August 2016


Theresa Grepel

Student Assistant/ Tutor until March 2013


Jan Kietzmann

Tutor / Coordinator MediaLab until September 2014

Johannes Klemt

Johannes Klemt

Student assistant until March 2017 (Project "The Convergence of TV and Internet")



Jonna Lüers

Student Assistant / Tutor until April 2015

Valerie Marouche_2015

Valerie Marouche B. A.

Student Assistant and Tutor until August 2016

Anna Schäfer

Anna Schäfer

Student Assistant / Tutor until August 2014


Friederike Schiller

Student Assistant / Tutor until July 2015

Anna Schleer

Anna Schleer

Student assistant until mid-August 2016 (Project "The Convergence of TV and Internet")

Janine Schreck_2014

Janine Schreck

Student Assistant / Tutor until March 2015

Sophia Wittwer

Sophia Wittwer

Student Assistant / Tutor until December 2015

Philipp Woywode

Philipp Woywode

Student Assistant until September 2016


Jette Würfel

Student Assistant / Tutor until March 2014