Debora Kuczera

Debora Kuczera
Image Credit: Johannes Klemt

Division Media Use Research

Institute for Media and Communication Studies

Department of Political and Social Sciences


Address Garystr. 55
Room 166
14195 Berlin
Telephone +49 30 838-50832
Fax +49 30 838-4 50832

Office hours

Mondays - Fridays, during opening hours of the institute

If possible, please meet the deadline for registration within the Campus Management System to ensure that your participation will be confirmed during or at the end of a specific course or module.

Should you need to register after the deadline (due to delayed enrollment) please fill in this registration form, have it signed by the lecturer and hand it in at the study office of the department as soon as possible. Please note that the division is not in the position to register individuals in the CMS and some lecturers might not be at the institute anymore, when the course is over.

In case you have registered after the deadline and you still need confirmation of a participation in a course, please let us know your name, your matriculation number, the course number, the term and the lecturer via e-mail to ensure quick help.

Medical certificates for absence during written examinations can be sent as an original via mail, put in the pigeon hole at the institute or in the post box at the institute. Please give the specific course number, since there are methodology modules and corresponding examinations in the bachelor program as well as in the master program.

Should you need a certificate of participation for instance for an affine module, please inform us via e-mail and send us the following information: your name, your matriculation number, the course number, the term and the lecturer.