Selected applicants receive scholarships, designed to cover living expenses in Berlin while fellows realize their individual research and study projects.

Junior Fellowship: for journalists from Central and Eastern Europe with about five years of professional experience. Junior Fellows receive a monthly stipend of between 1,000 and 1,100 Euro for duration of ten months.

Standard Fellowship: endowed with a monthly stipend of between 1,100 and 1,500 Euro - depending on the level of professional experience (at least 5 years) for the duration of ten months. 

Superior Fellowship of the Berlin State Parliament Foundation: Outstanding journalists from one of the former Allied Nations of the Second World War (CIS-States, France, Great Britain, USA) not older than 35 may be awarded an extraordinary scholarship from the Berlin State Parliament Foundation. The  Scholarship includes a monthly stipend of 770 Euro for students and PhD students and 1,300 Euro for journalists with a doctoral degree plus 330 Euro for accommodation in the International Student Center in Berlin for the duration of 10 months. Applicants for this scholarship must submit required documents in German: application form, CV and an exposé for the research project. In addition, applicants must submit a review of their exposé by an expert scientist or professor (in German or English).
(Closing Deadline for the Superior Fellowship is December 15, 2015)

EJO Fellowship at EJF: Since 2012 one fellowship annually is earmarked for a journalist who would like to become a temporary correspondent of the European Journalism Observatory (, observing in particular recent developments in journalism research in Germany, but also the rapidly changing landscape of journalism and media in Berlin. The EJO-EJF Fellow receives a monthly stipend of 1.100 Euro for the duration of ten months.