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26th June 2013: Prof. Dr. Peter Schiwy at the Jour fixe

Lawyer and retired director of NDR Prof. Dr. Peter Schiwy was invited to talk about the European media law and the regulation efforts of EU policy. Especially they discussed the role of the state in terms of TV programme compositions.


Image Credit: Hanna Pfüller


29th May 2013: Martin Heller at the Jour fixe

For the last Jour fixe in May Martin Heller, director of Crossmedia at the Axel-Springer-Academy, was invited. He talked about the changes of media use in our digital society and discussed the resulting multimedia-based challenges for journalism in these days.

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08th May 2013: Bärbel Romanowski at the Jour fixe

Freelancer and media consultant Bärbel Romanowski was invited to talk about journalism during transformational processes. As former journalist in the German Democratic Republic she spoke about the difficult circumstances and conditions for journalists working there and talked in addition about her very personal experiences as East German journalist after German reunification.

Image Credit: Annekathrin Günther


20th February 2013: Heinz Buschkowsky at Jour fixe

On 20th February the district mayor of Berlin-Neuköllln, Heinz Buschkowsky, was invited to close the Jour fixe line of winter term 2012/2013 as last guest speaker. Mr. Buschkowsky spoke about the problems and opportunities of Neukölln and discussed several questions of integration policy with the fellows.

Image Credit: Hanna Pfüller


6th February 2013 - Dr. Martina Metzger about the future of the Euro

At this jour fixe Dr. Martina Metzger the director of the Berlin Institute for Financial Research talked about the causes of so-called euro crisis. After her analysis she gave an outlook on possible solutions, which were then discussed among the Fellows.

Image Credit: Nils Werner


Last Jour fixe in January: Dr. Gregor Mayntz at EJF

On 30th Janaury the chairman of the Bundespressekonferenz, Dr. Gregor Mayntz, was invited as a guest speaker for the Jour Fixe. He talked about the history of the Bundespressekonferenz and on their significance as a unique international institution of its kind.

Image Credit: Hanna Pfüller


23rd January 2013: Wolfgang Grenz as guest speaker at Jour fixe

For the Jour Fixe on January 23rd, Wolfgang Grenz, the General Secretary of the German section of Amnesty International was invited as a guest speaker. With the fellows he discussed on the situation of human rights in Europe. In particular, the refugee policy of the European Union, and religious discrimination were discussed and criticized.

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5th December 2012: Christian Mihr as speaker at the Jour fixe

For the first Jour fixe during the Advent season Christian Mihr, the director of the German section of Reporters without Borders, was invited. He spoke about the theme "network neutrality as condition for online press freedom".

Image Credit: Hanna Pfüller


21st November 2012: Rainer Eppelmann speaks about "Opposition in the GDR"

For the Jour fixe of 21st November 2012 Rainer Eppelmann, chairman of the management of the Federal Foundation for the Reappraisal of the SED Dictatorship, was invited. He talked about his work for freedom and democracy in the GDR and gave lively insights into the time of the peaceful revolution.

Image Credit: Hanna Pfüller


24th October 2012: first jour fixe of winter term 2012/2013

On 24th October 2012 the jour fixe started again.This time Christof Fischoeder, communications consultant, was invited and talked critically about the relation between PR and journalism with the new fellows.


Image Credit: Hanna Pfüller


30th May 2012: Prof. Dr. Günther von Lojewski at the jour fixe

For the last jour fixe in May 2012 Prof. Dr. Günther von Lojewski, the former SFB (Sender Freies Berlin) director, was invited to talk to the fellows. He spoke about the development and changes of journalism during the last 50 years.

Image Credit: Hanna Pfüller


Jour fixe on 23rd May, 2012

For the forth jour fixe in May Philip Grassmann, the chief editor of the weekly newspaper der Freitag, was invited. He spoke about the opinion orientated concept and the future online focused development of the newspaper.

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Jour fixe on 9th May, 2012

On 9th May, Dr. Martin Salm, chairman of the foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future gave a lecture at the jour fixe. He spoke about functions, the self-conception and future challenges of the foundation.


Image Credit: Hanna Pfüller


Jour fixe on 2nd May, 2012

On 2nd May Prof. Manfred Güllner, business leader of the forsa Institute, was at the jour fixe. He delivered interesting insights into the current german opinion research and spoke about the situation of the political parties in Germany. Furthermore, for the first time in this term the fellows of the programme Journalists International (JIL) took part in the jour fixe.

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25th April 2012: Prof. Hermann Parzinger at the jour fixe

For the last jour fixe of April the president of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Hermann Parzinger, was invited. He spoke about the background of the foundation, about its current projects and about the future perspective of the foundation.

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Jour fixe at the beginning of summer term 2012

On 18th April Markus Meckel, retired german foreign minister and member of the Federal Parliament from 1990 to 2009, talked with the fellows about rehabilitation of the past as a european challenge.

Image Credit: Alexander Görke


Jour fixe on 25th January, 2012

Uwe Rada, author und taz-journalist, talks about "history in the flow" - what means about river, which run through different states and thereby tell their own special story.

Image Credit: Hanna Pfüller


Jour fixe on 18th January, 2012

Dr. Martina Metzger, business leader of the Berlin Institute for Financial Market Research, discusses about the future of the Euro.

Image Credit: Hanna Pfüller


Jour fixe at the beginning of 2012

Matthias Deller, director of the district court Königs Wusterhausen, talks with the fellows about the situation of justice in Germany. 

Image Credit: Hanna Pfüller


Jour fixe on 3rd November, 2010

Hans-Christian Ströbele (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) talks about "german security policy".

Image Credit: Anja Lehmann

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