Application Procedure

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Key information


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


6 semesters

Application period

June 1 – July 15

Program start

Winter semester



Restricted Admissions (Numerus Clausus)

In order to ensure the best education possible, higher education institutions need adequate capacities (faculty and staff, space, financial resources). Like other higher education institutions in the region that regularly receive large numbers of applications, Freie Universität Berlin has implemented admission Limits (Numerus Clausus) for all undergraduate programs including the bachelor’s program Media and Communication Studies.

Application Procedure

Prospective foreign students with a non-German higher education entrance qualification must meet different admission requirements. Freie Universität Berlin offers a bi-lingual online information system for prospective students about Studying at Freie Universität. This homepage provides information regarding admission restrictions, application submission, language requirements, deadlines, and enrollment procedures.

Please note: Media and Communication Studies at Freie Universität Berlin is offered as a combination bachelor’s program, which consists of one major (90 credits) and one or two minor study units (one 60-credit minor or two 30-credit minors). Media and Communication Studies can be chosen either as major (90 credits) or as minor (60 credits) through other study programs. Students can choose their majors and minors from a broad range of subjects unless a specific combination is required: Combination options for core subjects with modules (in German). Candidates get separately admitted to their majors and minors, but have to enroll for all of the program’s components at the same time.

Application via Uni-Assist

Prospective international students with international higher education entrance qualifications who would like to apply for a program at Freie Universität Berlin need to send their applications to the University Application Service for International Students (uni-assist), which reviews whether applications meet the formal requirements. Freie Universität Berlin decides whether to admit the student. A fee for the preliminary application review is charged by uni-assist.

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