Places of Study

Berlin - German Capital and Media City

Berlin is home to many important political, cultural, scientific and media institutions and organizations. Famous universities, like Freie Universität Berlin (FU), and research institutes are located in Berlin. The Institute for Media and Communication Studies at FU offers ample opportunities for problem-oriented field research in journalism and other forms of mediated public communication. Courses are taught by excellent researchers and experienced faculty members as well as adjunct faculty members with experiences in media and political institutions. This allows students to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios and to develop innovative solutions and new perspectives for the media professional context. Moreover, Berlin is an ideal place for gaining professional experience through internships at various relevant media organizations and companies.

St. Petersburg - The Second Largest City in Russia

Saint Petersburg State University is one of the oldest Russian universities. It boasts an impressive history, having been led throughout by eminent scholars. The university is one of the leading institutions of higher education in Russia today. With 24 faculties and research institutes and over 30,000 students from different countries, SPbU is a major Russian center of science, education, and culture. The School of Journalism and Mass Communications is considered to be one of Russia’s leading institutions for the education of journalists and specialists in public relations with about 2,000 students. It is made up of two faculties, one specializing in journalism, the other in applied communications. It claims to offer high level professional training for journalists in combination with academic education.