Regulations for the Conduct of Doctoral Examinations

The common regulations for Dr. phil./Ph.D. examinations are valid for doctoral candidates in the

    • Insitute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
    • Otto-Suhr-Institute of Political Science
    • Institute for Media and Communication Studies and
    • Institute for Sociology

Doctoral candidates in Political Science (and in no other doctoral subject the Otto-Suhr-Institute for Political Science have established) are free to choose between the Dr. phil. / Ph.D. and the Dr. rer. pol. / Ph.D. regulations.

The Central Institutes are not authorized to confer doctoral degrees. If you have completed a Master´s programme in one of the Central Institutes and/or wish to write a doctoral thesis with a focus on regional topics, you have to decide on the subject and the respective department you wish to do your doctorate in. Should you have already come to an agreement with a prospective supervisor please take into account which department she or he is affiliated with. For further information please get in touch with the department your doctoral subject belongs to. If your chosen field is represented in the Department of Political and Social Sciences please observe the a.m. information on the current regulations. 

Regulations for the Conduct of Doctoral Examinations
(Legal Documents, exclusively in German)

English Versions of the Regulations for the Conduct of Doctoral Examinations
(Not legally binding, for your information only)


    • The sole regulations for the conduct of doctoral examinations which are in force are the Dr.phil./Ph.D. and Dr. rer. pol./Ph.D. regulations of 2008 and their respective amendments.
    • The former doctoral regulations are no longer in force.
    • Doctoral candidates whose admissions had been granted before the new regulations came into force had the right to complete their doctoral procedure according to the former regulations within a transition period of four years. Doctoral candidates who failed to do so are now obliged to complete their doctoral procedure in accordance with the new regulations.
    • Should this apply to you, please peruse the new regulations thoroughly and check whether any relevant changes will affect your doctoral procedure.