Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ursula Schröder


Freie Universität Berlin

Otto-Suhr-Institute for Political Science

Professor of International Security

Address Ihnestr. 22
Room 108
14195 Berlin
Telephone +49 - (0)30 - 838 55529
Fax +49 - (0)30 - 838 54160
Email ursula.schroeder@fu-berlin.de
Homepage http://www.fu-berlin.de/atasp

Office hours

Monday: 2:00-3:00 p.m.

Ursula Schroeder is Professor of International Security at the Otto-Suhr-Institute of Political Science, Freie Universität Berlin. After completing her PhD at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy, she was a Lecturer in International Relations at the Freie Universität Berlin and held a Volkswagen Foundation postdoctoral scholarship.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ursula Schröder is taking a research semester for the summer term 2017.

Her professorship is substituted by Prof. Dr. Matthias Ecker-Ehrhardt.

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Ursula Schroeder’s research interests include

  • International peace- and statebuilding
  • Theories of the state and governance theory
  • Convergence of internal and external security
  • European security governance
  • International organizations


Current research projects

Ursula Schroeder coordinates the SFB 700 research project ‘Exporting the State Monopoly on Violence. Security Governance Transfers to Areas of Limited Statehood’

Monograph (* refereed)

*2011: ‘The Organization of European Security Governance. Internal and External Security in Transition’, London and New York: Routledge (Security and Governance Series).


Articles and Book Chapters (* refereed)

*2014: Security Sector Reform and the Emergence of Hybrid Security Governance, in: International Peacekeeping, 21(2): 214-230 (mit Fairlie Chappuis und Deniz Kocak).

*2014: New Perspectives on Security Sector Reform: The Role of Local Agency and Domestic Politics (Introduction to Special Issue on SSR), in: International Peacekeeping, 21(2): 133-148 (mit Fairlie Chappuis).

*2013: ‘Security Sector Reform from a Policy Transfer Perspective: A Comparative Study of International Interventions in the Palestinian Territories, Liberia and Timor-Leste’, in: Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, (mit Fairlie Chappuis und Deniz Kocak) [download].

2013: ‘Gauging the Effectiveness of Post-Conflict Peace and State Building’, in: Hegemann, Hendrik/ Heller, Regina/ Kahl, Martin (Hrsg.): Studying ‘Effectiveness’ in International Relations. A Guide for Students and Scholars. Leverkusen, Barbara Budrich Publishers, 217-236.

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Working Papers (* refereed)

*2010: ‘Measuring Security Sector Governance. A Guide to Relevant Indicators’, DCAF Occasional Paper No. 20, Geneva, Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, 2010 [download].

*2006: ‘Coping with Complexity. An Organizational Perspective on European Security Governance’, European University Institute, Department of Political and Social Sciences Working Paper Series, No. 09, Florence, EUI, 2006.


Other Publications

2013: ‘Die Europäische Union und Sicherheitssektorreform. Erfolge, Defizite und Potentiale für deutsches Engagement’, FES Perspektive, Berlin [download].

2008: Review of ‘European Security in the Twenty-First Century: the Challenge of Multipolarity – By A. Hyde-Price’, in: Journal of Common Market Studies, 45 (3): 768-769.

2008: Review of ‘European Security Law – Edited by M. Trybus and N.D. White’, in: Journal of Common Market Studies, 46 (4): 905.

2006: ‘Converging Problems – Compartmentalised Solutions: the Security-Development Interface in EU Crisis Management’, in: CFSP-Forum, 4 (3): 1-4.