current PhD Students

Maria Debre

Maria Debre

"The Club of Authoritarian Rule through Diffusion and Regional Integration in the Gulf Cooperation Council"

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dos santos

Carlos Dos Santos

"Independent Foreign Policy and Foreign Aid Dependency – The Case of Mozambique"

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Christine Hackenesch

"Race to the Bottom? European promotion of Good Governance in Africa and the role of China."

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Han, Hyungsup (Jason)

Jason H. Han

Will East Asian Security Integration Be Possible? Causes of Regional Security Integration: Lessons from European Experience

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Moritz Knoll

"Policy-sector specific explanations of non-compliance with European law"

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Corinna Krome

Corinna Krome

"ASEAN and Democracy – A Contradicting Thought!?"

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Bidzina Lebanidze

Bidzina Lebanidze

"Neighborhood Europeanization in Russia’s ‘Near Abroad’. External Influence and the Failure of Democratic Consolidation in Post-Soviet States"

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Luisa Linke-Behrens

"Beyond Linearity and Equivalence: How Statehood Conditions Effective External Governance"

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Mathis Lohaus

Mathis Lohaus

"Establishing a Common Set of Rules? A Comparative Analysis of International Efforts in the Fight against Corruption"

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Harrison Kalunga Mwilima

The European Union and its Member States on Promoting Regional Integration Abroad – The Case of East African Community

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Louisa Opitz

"Towards Economic Governance in Europe? An Analysis and Explanation of the EU’s Changing Governance Mix in Economic, Monetary and Fiscal Policy in Response to the Financial Crisis"

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Sören Stapel

"The EU is not the only game in town -- disentangling global and regional patterns of diffusion in comparative regionalism"

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Bild 2016

Lisa van Hoof-Maurer

„Unpacking EU external governance transfer: a member states perspective”

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