3 publications

The QCA Method in Comparative Social Science: An Alternative to Conventional Empirical Methods

Ansorg, Nadine

Appeared In: International Relations – Students’ Perspective. Issue 10/2010, 25-46.

Mapping the phenomenon of Rebels and Militias in Africa

Engels, Bettina

Pretoria: ISS | 2010

Appeared In: Okumu, Wafula/ Ikelegbe, Augustine (Hrsg.): Militia, Rebels and Islamist Militants. Human Insecurity and State Crisis in Africa, 69-87.

Ressourcenkriege oder ethnische Konflikte? Das Nigerdelta und die Côte d’Ivoire

Engels, Bettina

Magdeburg/ Leipzig: Meine | 2010

Appeared In: Buhtz, Mathias/ Grothe, Christoph/ Jaschob, Lena (Hrsg.): Krise der Konflikte, 63-83.