Liv Ingeborg Wibe

Liv Wibe

"To Join the Extremists is better than Staying in Limbo"


Liv I. Wibe studied political science at the University of Oslo and has worked for several years in the field of protection of refugees´ human rights in Scandinavia, Latin America and Pakistan/Afghanistan. Wibe started working towards her doctorate graduation at FU Berlin in 2011.


Liv I. Wibe aims through her research to get a better understanding of which factors provokes refugees´ involvement in the armed conflict they escaped from. She will assess the role of external actors like governments and NGOs and if their assistance enables warriors among the refugees to continue fighting and thereby prolong the conflict. Furthermore she will look at how factors like the nature of the conflict or eventual peace in the homeland, interaction with communities in the homeland, economic opportunities or level of integration in the host-country influence their commitment. An important aim of the study is to understand how prolonged lack of access to political and civil rights can affect involvement in the armed conflict.


The research is a single-case study of experiences made by habitants of a refugee-camp for Afghan refugees in Pakistan.