Fraunhofer ISI, FFU and FÖS examine policy scenarios of resource policy

News from Apr 27, 2017

Special Issue published: Multi-level Climate Governance

News from Apr 27, 2017

New publication by Maria Rosaria Di Nucci in Energy Policy

News from Apr 03, 2017

New publication by Dr. Jan Beermann: Urban Cooperation and Climate Governance

News from Feb 27, 2017

Klaus Jacob gives talk on LED-conference

News from Feb 17, 2017

Announcement of the Final ENTRIA Conference

News from Feb 15, 2017

New Publication by Kerstin Tews and Colleagues from Norway and the UK

News from Dec 12, 2016

Recently Published by Achim Brunnengräber: "Problemfalle Endlager"

News from Nov 23, 2016

ENVIPA-DFG project at Free University Berlin presents research results at COP 22

News from Nov 12, 2016

Contribution by Rosaria Di Nucci and Kerstin Tews to Europe's World

News from Oct 28, 2016

Dr. Lutz Mez receives Order of the Federal Republic of Germany

News from Oct 25, 2016

Governing Nuclear Waste Conference – A complete success

The international conference “Governing Nuclear Waste – Conflicts, Participation and Acceptability” held on the 19th and 20th of September 2016 was a success. The list of 80 participants is quite impressive and the quality and diversity of the discussion and the appreciation and positive ...

News from Oct 20, 2016

Karola Braun-Wanke presents Schools @ University at SUSTAIN's final conference

News from Oct 13, 2016

Kirsten Jörgensen to speak at DWIH Delhi on September 30th

News from Sep 29, 2016

New commentary article by Miranda Schreurs about the Paris Climate Agreement

News from Sep 26, 2016

Karola Braun-Wanke presents Schools@University in Boston at MIT

News from Sep 13, 2016

New Publication on decentralised laboratories in the German energy transition

The study is published by the Journal of Cleaner Production and can be downloaded here.

News from Sep 12, 2016

New FFU Report by Johanna Reinhardt: "The Limits of Sustainable City Initiatives and the Necessity for a Multi-level Governance Approach to Climate Change Policy – A Case Study of Berlin”

News from Sep 09, 2016

First Policy Impact Assessment Training at GIZ

News from Sep 07, 2016

New Publication on the Distributional Effects of Environmental Policies

Guske, A.-L./ Jacob, K./ Pestel, N./ Range,C./ Sommer, E. (2016): Verteilungswirkungen ökonomischer Anreize für energetische Sanierungen. In: Großmann, K./ Schaffrin, A./ Smigiel, Ch. (Hg.): Energie und soziale Ungleichheit: Zur gesellschaftlichen Dimension der Energiewende in Deutschland und ...

News from Sep 07, 2016