Energy efficiency in liberalised energy markets


Energiestiftung Schleswig-Holstein



Annette Piening

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Energiestiftung Schleswig-Holstein


Jul 01, 2001 — Oct 31, 2003

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PD Dr. Lutz Mez


The liberalization of the electricity markets has not only had an impact on the supply, but also a serious impact on the demanding part. Although the transformation of these markets is not yet complete, changes have been made through the commercialization, the power consumption and the role of energy consumers and electricity customers. At the same time, fields of action and the relationship between energy markets and energy policy change. In order to discuss these issues and the development at hand, the Energy Foundation Schleswig-Holstein and the REFORM Group (an informal and international research group, which deals with questions of energy policy and regulation since 1992) have implemented a series of colloquiums with the title "Energy efficiency in Liberalised Energy Markets":

  • Energy Efficiency and Consumer Preferences – two sides of the same coin?
    24-26 October 2001 at Tannenfelde

  • Old and new policies to promote energy efficiency
    6-8 March 2002 at Tannenfelde

  • Elements of an energy service economy
    4-6 Sept. 2002 at Schloss Leopoldskron, Salzburg

  • Technological innovations for energy efficiency: development, diffusion and implementation
    19-21 March 2003 at Bad Malente