Politics of Energiewende

Schools at University for Climate and Energy (SAUCE)

Dr. Lutz Mez

Sep 01, 2008 — Aug 31, 2011

Project partners: London Metropolitan University, United KingdomUniversity of Twente, Center for Clean Technology and Environmental Policy, The NetherlandsUniversity of Latvia, LatviaVienna University of Technology, Institute of Power Systems and Energy Economics, Energy Economics Group, AustriaAalborg University, Department of Development and Planning, DenmarkBerlin Energy AgencyRoskilde University, Department for Environmental, Social and Spatial Change, Denmark

Energy Trans

Environmental Policy Research Centre

Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs

Sep 01, 2011 — Aug 31, 2016

Research foci: environmental governance energy policy

Energy Turnaround Climate Protection and Economic Development

Dr. Lutz Mez

Aug 18, 2003 — Apr 30, 2004

Project description During the conference the effects of an innovative energy policy on politics of economy and employment were discussed. The winners of such policies (industries of wind and solar energy, energy service providers, construction companies, successful business and communal actors in energy efficiency etc.) were very well represented. Also, effects such as the strengthening of the international competitiveness of certain branches, resulting from the German leading role, and ...

Preparation of non-nuclear projects for the German-Ukrainian co-operation

Dr. Lutz Mez

Nov 01, 2001 — Dec 31, 2002

Projektpartner Öko-InstitutArenaEcoScientific Engineering Center „BIOMASS“

Preparation, Implementation and Documentation of the Conference 'Energiewende - Atomausstieg und Klimaschutz'

Dr. Lutz Mez

Sep 01, 2001 — Apr 30, 2002

Project description Target of the conference was the future of energy policy without nuclear power. Chances and challenges of climate protection policy, the modernization of energy supply in Germany and the structural changes were discussed. The conference opened up a new phase of dialog with and within societal groups. Stakeholders from energy policy and energy industry, representatives of environmental and economic associations, trade unions and the renewable energy and environmental movement ...