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Guelph Hydro Sustainability Report 2012


Guelph Hydro Inc.

Guelph Hydro Inc. | 2013

GuelphHydro2012SustainabilityReport-FINA ...

Guelph Hydro Inc. publishes an annual Sustainability Report to share our vision, goals and achievements as we help move the communities we serve towards a sustainable energy future and a cleaner environment.

AICGS - Policy Report 54

AICGS Policy Report

Andrea Broaddus, Max Grünig, Dominic Marcellino

American Institute for Contemporary German Studies | 2013

PR54 Financing Transportation

AICGS - Policy Report 53

AICGS Policy Report

Ralph Buehler, Wolfgang Jung, Andrea Hamre, Paul Stoddard

American Institute for Contemporary German Studies | 2013

PR53 Transportation and Land Use ...

Oregon Takes the Next Step in Moving Beyond the Gas Tax


Tanya Snyder | 2012

Men Shape a Downward Trend in Car Use among Young Adults—Evidence from Six Industrialized Countries

buehler transport reviews

Tobias Kuhnimhof, Jimmy Armoogum, Ralph Buehler, Joyce Dargay, Jon Martin Denstadli & Toshiyuki Yamamoto

Transport Reviews: A Transnational Transdisciplinary Journal | 2012

Men shape downward trend in car use ...

Blue Sky. Green City.

Blue Sky. Green City.

Innovation City Ruhr, Modellstadt Bottrop

Blue Sky. Green City.

Travel trends among young adults in Germany: increasing multimodality and declining car use for men

buehler journal of transport

Tobias Kuhnimhof, Ralph Buehler, Matthias Wirtz, Dominika Kalinowska

Journal of Transport Geography | 2012

Buehler Multimodality JTRG September ...

Cities and Green Growth: A Conceptual Framework


Hammer, S. et al.

OECD Regional Development Working Papers 2011/08 | 2011

Cities and Green Growth

AICGS Community Energy Planning Report 2010


Medearis, Garforth, Blüm

American Institute for Contemporary German Studies | 2010

Medearis/Garforth/Blüm - Community ...