Teaching is a core component of the FFU’s mission. The FFU is known across Europe and globally for its environmental policy and politics courses. The FFU team, visiting guest professors, and professional experts from business, politics, and the government, offer one of Europe’s most comprehensive set of courses focused on environmental politics, policy, political economy, and society.

Students can choose from a wide variety of general and more specialized environmental, energy, sustainability, and climate courses in the social sciences. Master’s and PhD students come from around the world to obtain their degrees at the FFU. The FFU provides a mix of theoretical and more applied courses and training programs and provides opportunities for students to deepen their research skills through participation in FFU projects and programs as well as through cooperation with the many environmental think tanks and organizations in Berlin. Courses are offered in both German and English. Graduates of the FFU go on to obtain jobs in academia, government, non-governmental organizations, and industry.

The FFU actively promotes international exchange of its students, researchers, and teachers. The FFU team — researchers and students alike — are encouraged to take advantage of the many international cooperative research programs and exchange opportunities we offer to them around the world.


Below, you find a listing of all the courses that the FFU offered in the past years as well as the current courses:

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    Title Teacher Type
Comparative Social Movements    Miranda Schreurs      Hauptseminar
Cities and Climate Change Miranda Schreurs Seminar
Climate Simulation Miranda Schreurs Seminar
MA/PhD Colloquium: Comparative and International Environment and Energy Politics  Miranda Schreurs Colloquium
Introduction to Environmental Policy Miranda Schreurs Lecture
Netzpolitik - Policy Analysen eines jungen Politikfeldes Helge Jörgens Proseminar
BA/MA: Forschungsfragen der vergleichenden Umwelt-, Klima- und Energiepolitikanalyse   Helge Jörgens Colloquium
Comparative Environmental Politics: Theories, Methods and Empirical Analyses Part B Helge Jörgens Seminar
Comparative Environmental Politics: Theories, Methods and Empirical Analyses Part C  Helge Jörgens Seminar
Internationale Umweltpolitik Achim Brunnengräber Proseminar 

Climate Policy in Germany

Helmut Weidner Proseminar

Times of Change? Exploring Sustainability Transitions

Sabine Weiland, Jens Marquardt Seminar

The EU Energy and Climate Policies

Eva Öller, Israel Solorio, Inken Reimer Proseminar
Einführung in die Policyanalyse in der Umweltpolitik Eva Öller, Barbara Saerbeck, Inken Reimer Proseminar
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Titel Lecturer

Schedule/ Location/

Number/ Type

Introduction to Comparative Politics: Local, National, and International Perspectives Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs

Wed, 08-10h

HFB/C (Garystr. 35-37)


Introduction to Environmental Politics Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs

Tue, 12-14

Ihnestr. 21/F


Environment, Energy, Social Movements Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs

Tue, 18-20h

Garystr. 55/C


Einführung in die vergleichende und internationale Umweltpolitik Dr. Helge Jörgens


Ihnestr.22/UG 4



Netzpolitik – Analyse eines neuen Politikfelds Dr. Helge Jörgens

Tue, 12-14h

Ihnestr.22/UG 4


Green Meetings@ Freie Universität Berlin - Nachhaltigkeit als Handlungsmodell im Vergleich Eva Öller

Tue, 14-16h

Ihnestr.22/UG 3


Umwelt- und Klimapolitik in Deutschland Dr. Kirsten Jörgensen


Ihnestr.22/UG 2


Environmental and climate policy in the European Union Dr. Kirsten Jörgensen

Tue, 14-16h

Ihnestr.22/UG 2


Environmental and climate policy in  India Dr. Kirsten Jörgensen

 Wed, 12-14

Ihnestr.22/UG 3


Qualitative Methods and Research Design in Comparative Politics Dr. Helge Jörgens

Tue, 10-12h

Ihnestr.22/UG 3


Atommüllendlagerung aus Perspektive der Mehrebenen-Governance Dr. Achim Brunnengräber

 Wed, 12-14h

Ihnestr.22/UG 4


Introduction to Climate Governance Dr. Helmut Weidner

Wed, 14-16h

Ihnestr.22/UG 3


Nachhaltiges Leben - nachhaltige Gesellschaft  Dr. Sabine Weiland, Jens Marquardt Mo, 10-12 h
Garystr. 55 A   15093 / PS
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