Student Exchange

student exchange

The FFU encourages its students to study abroad and works hard to provide international research and study opportunities for its students at all levels. Many undergraduate and master’s students take advantage of special exchange programs the FFU group has developed. In recent years, with support from the DAAD’s “A New Passage to India” master’s and PhD students have participated in exchanges to the Teri Research University in New Delhi.

 Undergraduate and graduate students have taken advantage of a formal cooperation with the Nagoya University’s Graduate School of Environmental Studies to spend a semester in Japan. Yet others have participated in a Civil Society Educational Network exchange program the FFU runs in cooperation with other European and Canadian partner universities, with funding from the European Commission. FFU PhD students often travel abroad for specialized training courses at partner universities, conferences, or research related to their dissertations. Their international travel and research is supported by grants and fellowships and FFU research projects.

The FFU also attracts students from around the world. In addition to the many international students that enroll in our master’s and PhD programs, large numbers of Erasmus and other exchange students take advantage of the environmental and energy course offerings provided by the FFU. Graduate students also travel from across the globe to participate in special intensive programs organized by the FFU team, such as the Marie Curie Summer School, “Earth System Governance —The Distributional Implications of Environmental Change and Governance” or the Transatlantic PhD Workshop: “Forging Closer Ties: Transatlantic Relations, Climate and Energy.”

Click here to visit the Websites of GISCCD, one possibility for students from Berlin to go abroad (to India).