Jan Beermann


Field of Activity

The Impact of Cross-City Collaboration on Urban Climate Policy Development. A Comparative Analysis of Climate Policy Transfers between German and Indian Cities

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Betreuer / supervisors:

Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs



This work explores cross-city collaborations between German and Indian cities in the field of local climate and clean energy policy. It investigates under which conditions transnational exchange leads to successful lesson learning or what causes policy transfers to fail.

The research examines the linkages between two recent trends in global climate governance. The first being the increasing relevance of cities in the multi-level governance of climate change. Whilst international climate change negotiations often end in deadlock and many national governments adopt cautious climate policy approaches, cities across the world are taking the lead. Many cities from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres have introduced ambitious targets to reduce their local greenhouse gas emissions and to promote renewable energy and energy saving. To achieve these targets, cities are often experimenting with innovative policy measures and instruments.

A second trend is the growing engagement in city-to-city collaboration in the field of climate change. This collaboration takes the form of joint climate projects as part of municipal networks and city partnerships, and programs to foster cross-city learning by national governments and international agencies. Both German and Indian cities are among the most active participants in these exchange activities.

However, little is known about how lesson-drawing between cities is actually taking place, what impact it has on the development of urban climate policy and under which conditions policy transfer processes result in success or failure. Research gaps are particularly evident in the comparative analysis of collaboration between cities from the Global South and North.

The research follows an explorative, inductive approach, including case studies of selected climate policy transfer processes between Indian and German cities and a comparative analysis of the results.



PhD Scholarship by Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU)

Nagoya University Global Environmental Leaders Program (NUGELP), Nagoya University, Japan (October 2010-March 2011)


Beermann, J. (2014). Urban partnerships in low-carbon development: Opportunities and challenges of an emerging trend in global climate politics. URBE - Revista Brasileira de Gestão Urbana, 6(541), 170–183. doi:10.7213/urbe.06.002.SE03