Nigar Muradkhanli

Nigar Muradkhanli

Field of Activity

The European energy supply diversification. Case study: Caspian region.


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs

Grant:  Erasmus Mundus programme of the EU


My PhD research focuses on different models for diversification of the European gas infrastructure in order to increase supply volumes. Europe as a whole is a major importer of natural gas, being in competition with faster growing and potentially richer markets in the east and also remaining pipeline dependent. This latter issue is a strength, but without diversification, also a potential weakness. How can the energy sector respond to meet growing consumer demand, climate change commitments and competition for finite energy resources?

The Caspian region is one of the oldest hydrocarbon producing areas in the world, and is emerging once again as a major source of growth in global oil and gas supply. European concern about the reliability of traditional energy supply has driven heightened interest in Caspian and Central Asian oil and gas reserves. The emergence of the transportation projects connecting Europe with Caspian region is a bright example of the change in the European energy market. The Caspian region has the potential to become a major strategic energy partner of Europe.

The aim of this research is examination of both the advantages and possible deficiencies of this cooperation in comparison with the other existing supply projects and alternative solutions, as well as further proposals in order to benefit from cooperation with the Caspian region. The research is based on both qualitative and quantitative systematic analysis. The used theoretical approaches may include frame analysis, interpretive policy analysis.



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