Johanna Ferretti

Johanna Ferretti

Research Fellow

Address Ihnestr. 22
Room 3.12
14195 Berlin
Telephone +49 (0)30 838 54493
Fax +49 (0)30 838 56685

Johanna Ferretti joined the FFU in 2010 and mainly works in projects on policy impact assessments with a focus on environmental aspects. She also prepares her doctoral thesis on the consideration of environmental issues in impact assessment processes and environmental policy integration.

Prior to this Johanna Ferretti worked as research associate at the TU Berlin in a project developing an environmental decision-support tool for strategic levels in Berlin. She studied landscape planning at the TU Berlin.

Johanna Ferretti also co-leads the working group on impact assessment in the German Society on Environmental Impact Assessment.

Key Research Areas

Tools and methods for impact assessment, integration of environmental concerns into other sectoral policies, Climate Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment



Overview and assessment of tools for assessing the impact of trade policy and promotion on the environment in the context of development cooperation

Review of Impact Assessment Systems in selected OECD countries

Sustainability Check Luxembourg

Tools for Impact Assessment in the field of environmental protection – Development of an EIA tool in Poland

Improving the Effectiveness of Regulatory Impact Assessment in Ensuring Policy Coherence in the Design and Implementation of Regulatory and Environmental Policy


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Ferretti, J., Guske, A.-L., Jacob, K., Quitzow, R. (2012). Trade and the Environment - Frameworks and Methods for Impact Assessment. Environmental Policy Research Centre, FFU-Report 05_2012. 

Jacob, K., Ferretti, J., Guske, A.-L., Turnpenny, J., Jordan, A., Adelle, C. (2012). Sustainability in Impact Assessments. A Review of Impact Assessment Systems in selected OECD countries and the European Commission. OECD, Paris.

Ferretti, J., Weiland, S., Jacob, K. (2011). Innovative Toolbox for Regulatory Impact Assessment and Public Investment Decisions – iSWORD. Tools for the Assessment of Environmental Aspects in RIA. Study commissioned by the IBS (Fundacja Naukowa Instytut Badań Strukturalnych) and the Office of The Prime Minister, Warsaw.

Jacob, K., Ferretti, J., Guske, A.-L. (2011). Sustainability Check Luxemburg – Designing and conducting a policy impact assessment. Study commissioned by the Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructures (unpublished), Berlin.

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