Nikolaus Herrmann

Herrmann, Nikolaus

Field of Activity

Renewable energy as a sociological and political topic in Germany, Turkey and Morocco


Betreuer / supervisor

Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs


The special relations that exist and will exist between emerging countries and industrial nations are a crucial foundation for co-existence and any type of cooperation in the fields among nations. In particular, a field of particularly necessary cooperation is that of resources and renewable energy. In the light of cooperation in terms of resources and their joint management, I aim to look at the special relations that have existed and might emerge from the economic relations as well as the political and cultural between Germany, Turkey and Morocco.

There is a need to analyze the political relations within and across the ‘Euro-Mediterranean’ countries and the Middle Eastern countries and put that in relation to the establishment of green energy production. Another factor to include is the social, the political and the cultural aspect. What I believe to be an interesting question to research is the opinion in the Islamic world (especially countries that are part of the Euro Mediterranean partnership e.g. Morocco, Tunisia etc.) about green energy, especially as to Islamic leaders. Based on the research on this first question I would then be interested in researching how the countries of the Islamic world (Morocco, Turkey) around the Mediterranean can benefit from the production of green energy in terms of human resources, education and general welfare. An issue that needs to particularly be taken into account when researching these questions is the political demography of those countries.