Sehee Jung


Field of Activity

Environmental peacemaking: Study of the environmental policy and environmental cooperation of Germany from 1998 until 2000, and its implications for Korea


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs


This study will analyze the results from what Germany has done, the kind of preparation in the process of the unification and the way they pursued for unifying Germany at national, European and global levels after the unification. By comprehensively studying how East and West Germany perceived and reacted to environmental problems at national, regional and global levels, how they performed, what kind of trial and error they faced, this dissertation will study Germany’s environmental policy and environmental cooperation.

How West Germany and the unified Germany perceived environmental problems and brought about solutions at national, regional, and global levels will play an important role in resolving the rising issues of air and water pollution within Northeast Asia. Environmental interdependence can be proving a powerful incentive for cooperation and peacemaking. 

With the research on the Germany case, I wish to devote to a peace settlement by suggesting the attitude, mindset, and the need for cooperation and solidarity, all of which should be concerns of every nation including Korea, Northeast Asian countries and the international community in the process of pursuing peace in the world.