Jingna Kou


Field of Activity

German renewable energy policies and its practical implications for China

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Betreuer / supervisor:

Dr. Klaus Jacob



As the biggest developing country, China always suffers from high energy consumption and high environmental pollution. What’s worse, nationwide fog and haze weather in the winter in 2011 and 2012 also indicates serious environmental problem. The emission of pm2.5 is in the state of an explosive growth, resulted from the fossil energy (like petrol、coal) overfiring and waste gas discharging. The environmental problem has become one of the greatest killers which affect people’s daily life. Making the transition in energy field and moving towards a sustainable development direction of renewable clean energy are therefore necessary. The German energy resources policy has always emphasized on three factors: economy、safety and environmental protection. Especially after the Fukushima nuclear power accident, German steers a thorough course of renewable clean energy so as to cope with the tricky problems of energy and environment. For this reason, the research on German renewable energy policy is of vital importance and value for Chinese researchers.