Irina Stamo

Irina Stamo

Field of Activity

Long-term stabilization of the North European high-level renewable power supply via Norwegian hydro storage


1st supervisor: Prof. Dr. Olav Hohmeyer (University of Flensburg, Department of Energy and Environmental Management)

2nd supervisor: Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs, FFU



With increasing importance of renewables in each country´s portfolio and ambitious targets being set by 2050, energy storage has become to play one of the leading roles in questions concerning long-term energy sustainability, security and overall energy transition. This doctorate thesis therefore concerns the crucial position of large-scale energy storage in terms of “Energiewende” and has a purpose to reflect the existing storage options for such countries as Germany and the UK, emphasizing the role of the Norwegian hydro storage alternative. Due to its unique topography as well as gas and oil dependency on Norway, this country represents a very attractive strategic partner in the region of Northern Europe. But how can be increasing intermittent (over)production of renewables balanced out, through which option. Norway, being a “green battery for Europe” and becoming a highly attractive country in terms of energy exchange option, will be nowadays seen as a center of competitiveness among countries with high level of renewables´ production, especially wind production. Nordic countries are eager to close and secure cooperation agreements to the most profitable conditions and at early stage.



Irina is currently a PhD student at the Flensburg University and an active attendee of the PhD Colloquium for International and Comparative Environment and Energy Politics at the FFU, having her second supervision there. Irina completed her Bachelor study in Economics and holds a Master´s degree in Political Economy of European Integration from the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Since her bachelor´s study Irina developed a great interest for energy field as well as climate economy and researched LNG, storage alternatives as well as peculiarities of different climate policies.


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