Kwanghee Yeom

K. Yeom

Field of Activity

Renewable energy politics in Korea and Germany


Betreuer / supervisor:

Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs  



Renewable energy sources are key contributors to the solution of climate change and energy security. Renewable energy technologies, however, have also caused environmental problems, for example the Three Gorges Dam in China; large-scale palm oil plantations in Indonesia.

Today Republic of Korea (South Korea) faces serious critical situations in terms of environmental and social conflicts while renewable energy facilities are promoted. Very large-scale PV power plants were built on rice fields or even on mountains and wind parks are under construction regardless of inhabitants opinions. Moreover very large tidal power plants will be built in coming years. It is anticipated that various environmental destructions will severely occur.

In order to minimize these kinds of conflicts, this research will compare renewable energy polices and policy making process in Korea and Germany based on theoretical frameworks: sustainablitity and social movement theory.