Dr. Per-Olof Busch

Per-Olof Busch

research fellow

Address Ihnestraße 22
Room 3.21
D-14195 Berlin
Telephone (+)49 - 0331 - 977 4637
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Email pbusch@uni-potsdam.de

Per-Olof Busch is a research fellow with the Environmental Policy Research Centre at the Freie Universität Berlin, which he joined in 2000 and where he has worked in various national and international research projects funded by the European Commission, the Volkswagen Foundation and the Thyssen Foundation. As a political scientist, he has applied concepts from International Relations and Comparative Politics in the analysis of different aspects of national and international environmental governance. He has investigated the impact of international institutions and trade on the convergence of national environmental policies; examined the effectiveness of international organizations in global environmental governance; elaborated a theoretical concept for the analysis, explanation, and modeling of the environmental pioneering behavior of states; and analyzed the impact of diffusion, which is based on international learning and emulation, on the international spread of environmental policy innovations. Against the background of sustainability, Per-Olof is investigating in his current research project whether, to what extent, and how states dismantle social and environmental policies in response to challenges of globalization, international competitiveness, and austerity pressures.
Per-Olof has published in the Journal of European Public Policy, European Journal of Political Research, the Annals of the American Political Science Association, European Environment, among others.

He is the coordinator of the Working Group on Environmental Leadership and Policy Diffusion at the Environmental Policy Research Centre and is one of three speakers of the Working Group on Environmental Policy and Global Change of the German Political Science Association.


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Key research areas

comparative environmental politics, international environmental governance, diffusion and environmental policy convergence, pioneer states in environmental governance, globalization and environmental governance