Tuition and stipends

Tuition for the complete program amounts to approx. 24,000€ for students from the European Union or 35,000€ for students from third countries. At Freie Universität, there are furthermore semester fees and contributions for enrollment, social contributions and the semester ticket transportation pass. 

Students holding a first degree from Freie Universität Berlin do not pay tuition at HEC Paris. However, there is a enrollment fee of 750 Euro per year that students holding a first degree from Freie Universität pay at HEC.


Mobility grant of DFH-UFA and other scholarship opportunities

The Franco-German University (DFH-UFA) allows for mobility grants to be awarded to students during their stay abroad in the binational Master's program. Currently, the grant amounts to 270 € per month.

Students can apply for scholarships as well as partial reimbursement of tuition, e.g. at the DAAD, the foundations of the German political parties or trade unions.