Registration for Final Examination

Dates for registration of Master Thesis

Each semester two dates for registration of the Masters thesis are offered. These dates are always set at the beginning and at the end of each semester in order to ensure its completion and assessment within the respective semester.

The next date for registration in summer semester 2016 is:

30 August, 2016

Registration dates for winter semester 2016/17 are:

10 October, 2016 (11 am -1 pm), Handing out topics at 19 October, 2016 (during office hour)

2 February, 2017 (11 am -1 pm), Handing out topics at 13 February, 2017 (during office hour)

The registration takes place during regular office hours from 11 am to 1 pm in room 307. For more information, please refer to the webpages of the Department of Political and Social Sciences. If you cannot realize the registration date, you can also send someone with a warrant. Please contact Ms Graf for further information.

Documents needed

If you wish to register for the Masters thesis, you need to hand in the following documents:

  • current proof of matriculation,
  • proof of successful completion of all course modules (e.g. a printout of your ECTS account in CM) and
  • the title of your thesis, signed and approved by your supervisor.

In the case that some assignments from the third semester have not been marked at the time of registration, students are permitted to hand them in up to the completion of thesis.

  • Registration Form for Masters Thesis (in German only)
  • Theme Proposal for Masters Thesis (in German only)

You find both forms on the website of the Department of Political and Social Sciences.

First and Second Marking

Supervisor of your master thesis

Supervisors of a master thesis need to be authorised to exam. Generally, staff members of the Institute of Sociology holding a PhD are authorised to exam. In exceptional cases also extern people can serve as supervisors, if there are experts in the field of the master thesis. This exception has to be reasoned in a written request. The examination committee will decide on this request. 

Second advisor of your master thesis

Indeed, the second advisor of the thesis will be installed formally by the examination committee, but you should make a suggestion. Please get in touch with a possible second advisor timely before the registration of the master thesis and ask if she/he is ready to take over the second advisory opinion.

Oral assessment examiners

The Examination Committee

Your examination committee consists of either two examiners or one examiner and one assessor. The committee will be appointed by the board of examiners as best suits your thesis topic. At least one member of the committee will mark your thesis.

Examiners of the oral examination

All members of staff of the Institute, and lecturers of the Masters program which hold at least a PhD may serve as oral examiners.

Assessors of the oral examination

All members of staff of the Institute and lecturers of the Masters program may serve as assessors.

Masters Thesis


The title of your thesis must be developed in consultation with your supervisor and approved by the board of examiners. It will then be officially announced one week after application and cannot be changed after that. You are, however, allowed to change the topic of your thesis once within the first three weeks of work. In that case the title will not count as announced. Making this change will result in exclusion from the current examination cycle and implies that you wait another semester before completing the Masters program.

Time of completion

The time of completion for the Masters thesis is 5 months. The thesis can be handed to the examination office directly or via post. It must reach the office punctually. Postal delivery relies on the post mark as evidence of timely submission. Delayed assignments will be failed. In this case students have the opportunity to resubmit.

Note: If you register at the second date at the beginning of septemer for the summer semester, you still have the official 5 weeks for completion. If you submit your thesis in the following winter semester, you do not need to be immatriculated (although you can be). Please just make sure that all of your modules are completed before you decide to finally exmatriculate.

Advice on the format

Please use the advice on format issues which you receive from the examination office after your title has been announced. There are no further regulations regarding the format.


Extensions are only awarded in exceptional circumstances following application and justification in advance of the submission date. An extension of up to four weeks can be granted. Your supervisor must support the application.


When submitting your thesis you must confirm that your work is original, that it does not contain any plagiarized materials and that the work of other persons has been fully acknowledged. The respective form can be obtained from the examination office.

Submitting your Masters thesis

The Masters thesis is submitted in triplicate to the Study and Examination Office of the Department of Political and Social Sciences. There are two ways to submit your thesis: Either you hand in three copies of your thesis in person to Teresa Graf during her office hours at the Study and Examination Office. Or you send three copies of your thesis by registered mail to the Study and Examination Office:

Freie Universität Berlin
Prüfungsbüro des Fachbereichs Politik- und Sozialwissenschaften
z.H. Frau Teresa Graf
Ihnestraße 21
14195 Berlin


First and second markers will comment independently on your thesis. The second marker has, however, the option to agree with the first markers comments. If marks differ an average will be taken. Marks will be announced on request after they have been confirmed by the first and second marker. If your thesis has been marked as a fail you are given the opportunity to repeat the exercise.

Access to examiner comments

Since your final oral examination serves as a presentation and interrogation of your thesis, you are required to refer to the critique expressed in the examiners comments. If your supervisors do not provide you with a copy of their comments, you can access the comments in the examination office.

Final oral examination


The date of the final oral examination will be determined by the board of examiners and announced to you as a written invitation.


The final oral examination takes 30 minutes. It is open to the all members of the university unless you formally request that this is not the case.


The final oral examination consists of the presentation and interrogation of your thesis.


Completion of the final exam accounts for 30 ECTS credits. The mark for the thesis equals four fifths of the overall final mark and the mark for the oral examination equals one fifth.

Registration for completion of study


According to the Examination Guidelines you are required to apply for completion of study. Since we assume that you intend to finish your studies after the examination, the application for completion of your study is included in the registration for the Masters thesis. You are only required to tick the relevant box.

Documentation of your degree

A Degree Certificate and Diploma Supplement will be issued as soon as possible. Usually certificates will be handed out as part of a graduation ceremony. However, if you wish you are welcome to receive the documents immediately after they have been issued.