Bachelor’s Degree North American Studies

The Bachelor programme North American Studies is offered by the John-F.-Kennedy-Institute for North American Studies (Standard length of study: 6 semesters). The BA programme can be studied by choice as a Mono (single-subject) Bachelor or as a 30 credit separate module course for students studying other degree programmes.

Object of the Programme

The object of the North American Studies programme is a linguistic training in oral, written and mediating skills. This practical linguistic course should enable the students to actively take part in seminars which are partly held in English, to analyse literature written in a foreign language, to hold conversations in English in oral examinations and to compose written work in the English language.

Furthermore, the study programme North American Studies gives the students access to the following academic fields: history, sociology, culture, literature, politics and the economy. These academic areas make up a foundation through their inter- and trans-disciplinary inter-linking, whereby individual areas may be chosen to be studied in more depth as a main focus.

Contact persons

Person responsible for the programme Prof. Dr. Harald Wenzel
Study programme coordinator N.N.
Study programme advisor Carolin Benack
Responsibility at the Examination Office Christiane Meiser
Contact for the Examining Board Prof. Dr. Harald Wenzel (board chairman)

New Information

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Information regarding Studies

Study and Examination Regulations

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Completion Phase

Degree Completion