Social Science (Teacher Training)

The Bachelor programme in Social Science (for teachers) is offered by the Otto-Suhr-Institute for Political Science (standard length of study: 6 semesters). The BA programme can be either studied as a 90 credit core subject in combination with another core subject or as a 60 credit programme in combination with other modules.

Object of the Programme

In the core subject of the Bachelor course Social Science  (Teacher Training) the students are provided with essential scientific specialist knowledge in political science and the ability to produce independent academic work including the methods, knowledge and skills which would qualify them for a professional capacity or graduate studies.

After successful completion of studies the title “Bachelor of Arts (BA)” will be awarded.

Contact Persons

Person responsible for the programme Prof. Dr. Peter Massing
Study Programme coordinator Prof. Dr. Peter Massing
Study Programme advisor Prof. Dr. Peter Massing
Responsibility at the Examination Office Roswitha Beck
Contact for the Examining Board Prof. Dr. Sven Chojnacki

New Information

 Please consult the German page.

Information regarding Studies

For more information regarding the study programme as well as study and examination regulations, degree completion phase, recognition and forms, please consult the German version of this page.

Requirements for Taking Exams

  Professors and private lecturers Post doctoral research fellows Research assistants (pre-doc) Visiting Lecturers (Lehrbeauftragte)
Module (part) examinations yes yes yes yes
Supervision of the BA Thesis yes no no no
Second correction of the BA Thesis yes yes no no