Master’s Programme in Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies

The Master’s programme in Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies is offered by the Latin American Institute (Standard length of study: 4 semesters).

Object of the Programme

In the face of growing worldwide integration, the programme targets the conveyance of regional and intercultural competencies which provide the student with an understanding of national, trans-regional and global processes. The Master’s programme is research-based and combines a problem-oriented interdisciplinary study with specialism in a subject. Based on the concept of Area Studies, it provides a distinct regional-specific expertise. The teaching provided is grounded in the diverse and internationally recognised Latin American research which has a long tradition in the region of Berlin-Brandenburg.

The programme is designed for students with a Bachelor’s degree in a subject discipline relevant to the Master’s programme. After successful completion of studies the title “Master of Arts (MA)” will be awarded.

Contact Persons

Person responsible for the programme N.N.
Programme coordinator

PD Dr. Martha Zapata Galindo

Nina Lawrenz

Study Programme Advisor

PD Dr. Martha Zapata Galindo

Nina Lawrenz

Responsibility at the Examination Office Christiane Meiser
Contact for the Examining Board Prof. Dr. Barbara Fritz

New Information

 Please check at the German page of the Examination Office (Christiane Meiser).

Information regarding Studies

Study and Examination Regulations

These documents are only available in German. Please consult the German page.

Completion phase

Please consult the German page for further information and various forms which can be downloaded.

Degree Completion

Please consult the Geman page for a form which can be downloaded.