Master’s Programme in Politics and German Post-war History

The post-graduate Master´s programme Politics and German Post-war History is offered by the Otto-Suhr-Institute of Political Science It is a part-time study programme (standard length of study: 3 semesters).

Object of the Programme

Taking the example of the historic development of Germany after 1945, effective interests and their interpretations are analysed, including ideologies and social structures, legal and political institutions, power and gender relations as well as the normative idea of legitimacy and reasonableness, of freedom, democracy, justice and peace in their historical context and the relationship between the past and present day is construed.

The post-graduate study programme conveys that history has a dual meaning for the present. Firstly for the political system and its structures which have become history and flow into historic experience and whose specific manifestations can be interpreted as answers to historic experience, and secondly for the mentality of individuals and groups whose socially prevalent attitudes and orientations are the results of processing historical-political experience specific to the milieu.

After successful completion of studies the title “Master of Arts (MA)” will be awarded.

Contact Persons

Person responsible for the programme Prof. Dr. Peter Massing
Programme coordinator Dipl.-Pol. Uwe Hillmer
Study programme advisor Prof. Dr. Peter Massing
Responsibility at the Examination Office ---
Contact for the Examining Board Prof. Dr. Sven Chojnacki

New Information

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Information regarding Studies

Study and Examination Regulations

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Please consult the programme coordinator for questions regarding recognition of former course work.