Master's Programme Visual and Media Anthropology

The Master’s programme 'Visual and Media Anthropology' is an English-language postgraduate Master’s programme which is offered by the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology. It is an online programme with elements requiring attendance (standard length of study: 4 semesters). There are tuition fees.

Object of the Programme

The Master’s programme imparts knowledge concerning the relationship between culture and media in a number of areas, such as the problems of media representation of culture and gender, the meaning of ethnographic films and photographs for social and cultural anthropology, the composition of media in indigenous, non-western cultures and those found in the Diaspora, the influence of film and media on cultures and the transnational problems of media distribution.

After successful completion of studies the title “Master of Arts (MA)” will be awarded.

Contact Persons

Person responsible for the programme Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming
Programme coordinator Steffen Köhn
Study programme advisor  
Responsibility at the Examination Office Sabine Krüger
Contact for the Examining Board Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming

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Study and Examination Regulations

Degree Completion Phase