Earth Sciences, Physical Geography

The working group of Prof. Dr. Brigitta Schütt and Prof. Dr. Tilman Rost is focusing on:

  • the reconstruction of previous environmental conditions and the human impact on the environment
  • the transition from a natural to a cultural landscape
  • the analysis of the actual transition from a natural to a cultural landscape
  • the evaluation of the human adaption to the natural environment

Regarding the examination of these issues, the management and cultivation of natural resources, such as ground, water and mineral resources, is of prime importance. Current conditions and processes are being analyzed and compared to (pre-)historic situations. Thus, a profound insight into the development of natural systems that have been changed by human beings can be given. From this basis, the adaptability of natural systems to human interferences into the landscape can be assessed. Moreover, the adaptability of different cultures to changing environmental conditions can be explored.

The regional focus is on East and Central Asia, on the Mediterranean area and North Africa.