BC CARE – A Competence Pool for the Caspian Region

For more than a decade, scientists from Freie Universität Berlin and other Berlin universities have been studying the ecologic, energy-economic and civil society problems resulting from the transformation processes in the succession states of the former USSR. The Interdisciplinary Centre BC CARE will extend this topical knowledge concerning the Caspian Region[1] . The centre aims to cooperate closely with non- university institutions and the economy. Therefore, the centre’s international cooperation will be intensified and the research structure for young Berlin based scientists working on the Caspian Region shall be improved considerably.

BC CARE was founded as Interdisciplinary Centre by the Academic Senate of Freie Universität Berlin in July 2009 including scientists from different faculties and non-university Berlin based research institutions and think tanks dealing with the Caspian Region. The centre is divided into several research areas, which work interdisciplinary on questions related to the Caspian Region.

This homepage serves to bundle the distinct research initiatives and aims to provide an overview over current and past research activities related to the Caspian Region as well as to provide informations concerning events, contacts, current publications and planned conferences.

The homepage remains under construction. Helpful feedback can be directed to this contact and will be appreciated.


[1] The Caspian Region includes the Caspian Sea with the adjacent states Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan. Additionally the Caucasus states Georgia, Armenia as well as the Central Asian successor states of the former USSR Kirgizstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan belong to the Caspian Region.